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UpKatalog is the world's best Catalog Management and Sharing application for suppliers/manufacturers.

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UpKatalog comes with features to help you share your up to date catalog; keep your customers informed in real time.

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Item/ Product Management

Raw materials, sub-assemblies, final goods, item variants, and service items can all be managed with Upkatalog. Raw materials or components of yet-to-be-produced products are also referred to as items (before they can be sold to customers).

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Product Listing

Your partners / resellers can discover your products via UpKatalog's product listing page. If you have published Items on your system, it is enabled by default.

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Customer Portal

Customers can use this portal to log in and access information that is relevant to them. Customers can download catalogs, share catalogs, and track their activity history.

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The dashboard displays key performance metrics essential to the business process in an easy-to-understand format. Each Dashboard is made up of one or more Dashboard Charts, each of which has its own data source called the Dashboard Chart Source.

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You can create several users in UpKatalog and assign them different roles. A user's role is a set of permissions that allows them to access the documents they require. A Catalog data entry employee, for example, will require access to enter product specs.

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With a simple issue tracker and an integrated knowledge base, you can provide a superior service experience.

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